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White Light Tooth Whitening System

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mineymo By mineymo on
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Holy Cow I have got to stop watching infomercials! I saw one for the White Light Tooth Whitening system and I thought, 'Well, they are using a black light just like the dentist does. So it must work. Right?' Uh..wrong!

This product is 29.95 and they send you a new one every month. Though I didn't understand why they sent you a new one the second month since they send you two units the first month.

This is such a bonehead design. First there are the trays which you have to immerse in boiling water and then conform to your' teeth. Then you put the two part gel into the trays. The gels come in a double syringe and mix together. Then you put both top and bottom trays into your' mouth. Then you put the blue light into your' mouth and hold it with your' lips. You push the little button on top of the unit that is hanging out of your' mouth and a blue light comes on and shines on the trays on your' teeth. You stay that way for the next ten minutes and you are not supposed to swallow any of the gel. In the meantime, your' lips get tired and hurt from holding the light between them and the gel made my teeth hurt.

After ten minutes, you rinse and then guess what? You have to redo everything that you just did. The directions say that after ten minutes, when the blue light shuts off, you should rinse your' teeth and trays and do it all again. You are supposed to see results right away. I gave it two weeks and saw no results - except that my mouth hurt. No more infomercials for me!