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Who Drives Your Life?

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My Pastor gave me a copy of this life changing devotional book from best-selling author and evangelist, Rick Warren. I remember that I set aside this book for some time at first because I was too lazy of devoting my 40 busy days reading it. But then when one time my life has been preoccupied with emptiness and sorrow, I come to start browsing this book. This is not a self-help book like any other but rather it is a reminder of who we are before God Himself.

Overview of the Book:

This book is 40-chapter devotional book wherein each chapter elaborates ideas and illustrates truths about the topic for the day. Verse for the day and notable quotations from famous people of history were quoted just below the title of the chapter. At the end of each chapter is an application note of what has been discussed. It contains Point to ponder, Verses to Remember and Questions to Consider section. ‘A Point to Ponder’ is a bit of truth that summarizes the principle to reflect for the day. ‘A Verse to Remember’ is a particular scripture relating to the topic. It also includes the Bible translation from where it was quoted. ‘A Question to consider’ section is another helpful tool to learn about the implication of what have you read and how will you respond to it personally. Each chapter is will surely take you to a spiritual journey beyond compare.

If you wonder why 40 days? As the author indicates that in the Bible, God considers 40 days a spiritually significant time period, that whenever He prepares someone to accomplish His purpose, it was always 40 days. Like when Jesus was empowered in the wilderness for 40 days, Moses transformed by 40 days on Mount Sinai and when Noah’s life was transformed by 40 days of rain.

About the Author:

Rick Warren is a New York Times bestselling American author, a Christian minister and a pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest California. He has written books on evangelism and church ministry such as ‘The Purpose Driven Church’, ‘Answers to Life's Difficult Questions’ and ‘Purpose Driven Life’ are only among his bestselling crafts.

Good Points about this book:

- Interactive

- Practical

- Simple and easy to understand illustrations

- Important words like verses, quotes, terminologies are italicized

- Each chapter is a journey to the next

- Also recommended for Sunday school, bible study or cell group

- Verses was quoted from various Bible translations (around 15 different translation were used as reference)

- Life Changing

My View and Opinion:

The Purpose Driven Life is no wonder to be best-selling, award winning book yet I believe it is still the absolute power of the Most High God could be able to transform our life from the inside out. This book can only be one way in which God can empower and open our eyes to His Truth that He is the ultimate purpose of our existence. Without God, man is nothing; life is meaningless, worthless, and hopeless. No matter how we keep ourselves preoccupied with things that will make us happy, satisfy, no matter how successful or how horrible failure we are, I do believe that God loved us. For me this book is a reminder of who I am before Him. Rick Warren is a gifted author and has been blessed with the burden of sharing what on earth you and i are for. I will always treasure this book.

For more info and other resources, you can visit www.purposedrivenlife.com