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Who Moved My Cheese?

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Each person have their own "cheese", i.e. whatever we want in our live and we pursuit it because we believe that's something will make us happy. This book belong to fiction book which try to present four imaginary roles who represent parts of ourself, they are two rats named Sniff and Scurry, and two dwarfs named Hem and Haw. The four live in a labyrinth characterize as our world where we live in. Sometime we act as Sniff, able to "sniffs" a change rapidly, or act as Scurry, who able to take an action quickly, or act as Hem, who refuse and deny toward a change because of a fear the change will be damage us, or may be we act as Haw, who will try to made adaption when he see that the change will be elicit something better.

The most interesting part is when the four go to Cheese Station in which they usually get their cheese, but at the day the cheese stock is almost washed-up. Sniff and Scurry quickly go to other place to seek a new cheese station, because they believe that in other place they will find other cheese station and they really find a bigger cheese station after experience many difficulties. Meanwhile Hem and Haw take their tools to delve the station to find rest of cheese in the station, but the more harder they delve the station, they only find the more craters as result of their activity. This is interesting point in which we can differ between activity and productivity. Although Haw try to persuade Hem to go to other place to find new cheese station, but Hem insist to stay because usually they find cheese here and fear to move because uncertain prospect.

In short, this book provide us on how to anticipate a change, how to take an action, then moving beyond fear and imagine a real success that in turn help us to move it into real success, not only imagine it.

Update On Apr 02, 2011: Well, I just want to add a personal experience after loss some of my 'cheese' in real world. In last two years I can more and more understanding about what Hem, Haw, Sniff and Scurry doing. Now I can get other 'cheese' in other place after move back to my home and start a new career rather than stay with unsupported environment.