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Reviewing: Revlon Colorsilk (Color Number 10)  |  Rating:
scotlas71 By scotlas71 on
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I chose to review this product as it is fresh in my mind - and fresh on my head!!

I am not one to use hair products of any kind, strictly a Pantene and go kind of woman. However, feeling as though I needed a change, I decided to opt for something easy - hair color !

I was browsing in K-Mart on Monday last, when I felt that I should treat myself and strolled down the hair colorant isle. That is one scary place to be if you are a novice! Too many colors, too many brands, too many expensive price tags!

Feeling the onset of a panic attack, I was about to leave empty handed when a rather large, yellow, square card caught my eye.... $2! Okay, I can spend $2, what on earth is it? It just so happened to be a close out sale on Revlon ColorSilk BLACK !!! "Hee hee" my evil alter ego called into my ear.... this could be good.....

2 boxes later, I left the store. No, don't be silly, of course I paid!

Cut to home...

There I am standing in the bathroom with my oldest, ugliest robe and the tattiest towel I could find tied around my neck, looking like a reject from a crazy farm! Door locked with hubby and son playing hockey in the basement, I had the privacy I needed....

This was so easy. Two little bottles, one with color, the other with the developer. Snip the top of the developer bottle, take off the cap and pour the color into it. Replace cap, shake a little to mix (the bottle, not yourself) and you are ready to go. Oh! One important tip - PLEASE wear the plastic gloves that come included in the package. This stuff stains!

Having brushed out my hair, I proceeded to section it into 3 pieces - the instructions recommend 4, but I don't have time for that - I want to get this stuff on....

Taking the remaining bottle, fully mixed and snipped, I squeeze this concoction all over the sections of hair and massage it through to the end. Couldn't be easier. After repeating this on all 3 sections, I randomly squeezed it all over my head and started massaging it all over. That's about it.... Once you are happy with the coverage, you hide from the neighbors, stay away from the good furniture and try not to light a cigarette for 20-25 minutes!


25 minutes later, I jumped in the shower, washed the stuff off and I had beautiful black hair!!

Included with the color bottle is a little sachet of conditioner - if you have ever colored your hair, you will attest that there are no conditioners sold in stores that makes your hair look as good as these do!! Sadly, there is a minimal amount in the packet and you really have to try hard to cover all your hair if it is long like mine.The finished product was lovely. My hair is a natural black and it seems to look and feel healthier than before! I have had many compliments over the past two days about the shine and general "health" of my hair - rather ironic really, don't you think?

A plus to this product, asides from the honest to goodness fact that it is amazing, is that it is ammonia free and is therefore slightly more gently to your hair cuticles (well, as gentle as a hair colorant can be, I suppose). The scent is not as overpowering as some other brands, but still not quite a fragrance you would like to keep in your hair. Fortunately, after washing, the smell dissipates completely.

Easy to apply, normally sold at around $8 per box, and available anywhere, this is definately a must try product.

Available in a plethora of shades, I can only speak for this one, Black, No.10, but I will yell it from the rafters!


* Remove all good clothing and don the ugliest, oldest "thing" that you have.

* Use an old towel to drape around your neck, plan on throwing it away or keeping it ONLY for when you plan to re-color. This will help prevent any drips from landing on your ugly robe.

* Apply either vaseline or conditioner around the hairline, ears and neck to prevent staining from contact with the color. The color sticks to this and then washes off painlessly.

* Wear the gloves!! It is very difficult to remove this color from your skin.....

* Do not wash off with shampoo - just water and the conditioner when completely rinsed. This takes a while to wash out thoroughly, so just be patient in the shower and wait until the water runs clear....

Update On Mar 04, 2010: A long time has passed since writing this article, yet I am still using - and very much in love - with this product!! I am still able to find it readily on sale at multiple stores and STILL highly recommend it to you all!!