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Who Say's Store Brands Aren't Just As Good?

Reviewing: Rite Aid Aloe Gel With Lidocaine  |  Rating:
Lena Christine By Lena Christine on
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My daughter has very pale skin and does not tan thanks to her Irish blood. You know the typical type, fair skin, freckles, etc. She wears sunblock to go outside for anything during the summer, but sometimes when swimming or playing tball her sunblock gets washed or sweated away before I have a chance to reapply in time leaving here with a red face and more often then not shoulders and arms.

I too have issues with my face burning no matter what kind or how much sunblock I apply. Especially sitting through tball games with the sun beaming down for hours or laying on the beach trying to relax.

We both pay for it later at night when the tightness, stinging and burning really set in making it difficult to sleep or do anything else for that matter. Fair skin is no fun I tell you!

Once after we both had gotten a pretty bad burn from a day at the beach I had ran out to Rite Aid to buy some sun burn relief. Once I got there all the normal brands were missing from the shelves. I am assuming several others had had the same issue in recent days. The only thing left was a Rite Aid brand aloe vera gel made for quick relief.

Standing there looking at the green goop in the bottle, I thought to myself, "These store brands never work as well." At this point though, what other option did I have other then running to the other side of town to try a different store? My burn was hurting to much for that so I grabbed a bottle and took it home.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how soothing and helpful this store brand I had no faith in was. As soon as I rubbed it on both of us we got an immediate cooling effect and the pain went away until both of is were able to fall asleep that night.

The next morning the sunburns had drastically decreased and the only time we needed to apply was night time from there on out. Hey, I was excited about that! I hate sunburns!

Surprisingly enough after a few days when I had expected to start getting the peeling skin around my nose and forehead like usual...I got nothing! No peeling what so ever! Even the name brands had never acheived that feat with me before!

On an ending note, I have to say that this is one store brand well worth it and I will never doubt a Rite Aid brand product again.