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Who Says The I Phone Sucks?

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By breez on
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I've had my iPhone for nearly two and a half months now, and I'm very impressed. There's been a lot of hype about Apple's new and improved cell phones, and not all of it possitive.

The iPhone's apps tend to be everyone's favorite part, and why woudn't they be? After all, who wouldn't love to be able to play with a roller coaster while they're waiting for a bus? But the iPhone's greatest attibute is it's "smart-phone" setup . In a single device, the Apple company has managed to combine a cell phone, an ipod, and a computer all in one. One of my favorite Applications is the word document. It's free, and allows you to type out papers, or documents, (or in my case, reviews), without the real need of a computer. From there, the document can be uploaded to google-Docs on a regular desktop or laptop, and printed from there.

One thing I've noticed, when it comes to the iPhone, is that people are constantly underestimating it's durability. The touch screen is sensitive to touch, yes, but that doesn't make it any more breakable than any other cellphone. The screen isn't liable to crack when exposed to the usual bumps and shocks of everyday life. In fact, I doubt that the screen will break unless exposed to strange and unusual circumstances (i.e. car tires....).

Though the iPhone has many good qualities, I feel like I must highlight it's faults.

To be frank, the battery life sucks. Using the iPod, or the apps on a regular basis can wear it down really quickly, and even though it gives you a "20% battery life remaining" warning, it will die, about an hour or so later, without any real warning. Texting excessively, as I've been known to do, produces the same result.

Apple has come up with a product that helps to resolve that problem, though I know little about it at the moment. It's a small battery pack that can be charged in a wall plug, and popped into the bottom of either an iPhone, or an iPod to help expand the battery life. I'm planning on looking into that sometime, myself.....