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Who Wouldn't Love Tweety Bird Slippers?

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I have always been partial to Tweety Bird.

These slippers keep my feet warm.. Not that California is particularly cold compared to some places in the world.

The bright color makes them easy to find in low light situations.

They are sometimes effective for intimidating insecure dogs and cats.

The color of these slippers compliments most pajamas with feet on them. Note: They don't really match most Victoria's Secret night wear.

They are cute, and most children like them.

They make me feel young. I always wanted slippers like this, but my mother thought things like this were frivolous. Well, I can do what I want now. I sleep late, eat pizza and noodles for breakfast and wear my Tweety Bird slippers all day (though usually only if I am staying in the house).

They have non-slip bottoms. They were inexpensive and I don't expect them to take a lot of serious abuse. However, I have had them for almost two years and they are holding up quite well (of course I don't wear them everyday in the summer).

In summary, they are warm, inexpensive, and make you feel like a kid. What more could you ask from a Tweety Bird slipper? They are a luxury that you can afford.