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Why Don't You Visit Yogyakarta?

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Hey, It's summer now, why dont you go on vacation? I recommend you, all of you, to visit Yogyakarta on your vacation. Why?

Okay, i'll make it brief. Yogyakarta, where i born and grew up in, is a city located in Java Island, Indonesia. For you who don't know about what Indonesia is, it's an archipelago country where Bali Island exists. For details, Indonesia is located between Singapore and Australia.

Back again, there are 7 reasons (by the way, I believe "7" is a lucky number;)) for you to come and visit this place:

Its beauty. Since the nuance of traditional javanesse kingdom is still exist. I can say that Yogyakarta is a city with outstanding historical and cultural heritage.

Its hospitality. Yogyakarta's people value togetherness very much, that's why they will welcome you in generousity. Just try to go around the city by bike, pedicab, or horse cart; and you will find sincere smiles and warm greeting from the people.

Its uniqueness. Yogyakarta is a place where an artistic atmosphere is deeply felt in. You'll find so many art and culture products here, also handycrafts as well.

Its price. Why price? well, I can guarantee you that Yogyakarta is one of the most inexpensive city in country.

Its cuisine. A rich cuisine heritage is one of may favourite recommendation for you to visit there.

Its historical sites. A lot of historical sites you can visit where you'll be amazed.

Its various places to visit. There a lot of beaches, hills, temples of old traditional javanesse kingdom heritage and also you can enjoy the art of old city.

How could you reach Yogyakarta? simply take a flight to Jakarta. Then take a flight to Yogyakarta where it'll only be 50 minutes trip. Or, from Jakarta you can go there by train where it'll take 8 hours of trip. Afterwards, for your hotel, places, or other information dictionary, just click to http://yogyes.com/

happy holiday:)