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Why Inception Is The Movie Of Your Dreams

Reviewing: Legendary Pictures Inception  |  Rating:
By Amanda Rinaldi on
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When I initially sat down for this movie, I did not expect to be so taken in by the story. Inception was cleverly written, thought-out, and carefully organized, and constantly keeping me on my toes. I will admit that the first 45 minutes of the movie was overwhelmingly full of information, so I was confused a couple of times. But eventually, as the film progressed, everything started to make more sense. I did enjoy this movie a great deal, especially since it dealt with many interesting budding theories about the mind in relation to dreams.

If “The Matrix” and “The Truman Show” had a child, it would be “Inception”. With heart-stopping, nail-biting, fast action, and filled with intense psychological twists, “Inception” left me in constant awe, as the impossibility of dreams became real onscreen. Every character in this film served a good purpose in relaying the story. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character was especially unique and interesting in the film, portraying a troubled man trained to enter and manipulate people’s dreams.

Many aspects of "Inception" were dreamlike, considering half the movie takes place in a dream. I felt many things about the dream world were perfectly similar to many of my own personal dreams, from falling down a tall building to actually feeling pain before waking up. I definitely would give the director, two thumbs up for expressing what is very difficult to express. Pretty soon, I found myself confusing reality with the imaginary, trying to determine what was real and what was just a mind trick.

One of my favorite scenes from "Inception" was when the character Ariadne initially learns about controlling the dream world, where various known dream facts were woven together into a cohesive theory for the film. It was very interesting to say the very least.

In a way, Inception is a movie for anyone, anyone who remembers their dreams anyway. It is a relatable story that invites you to really consider the power of the mind while dreaming, while also welcoming psychological surprises along the way.

Update On Jul 30, 2010: I failed to mention the names of Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page's characters. DiCaprio plays the dream theif Dom Cobb and Ellen Page the dream architect Ariadne.