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Why The I Pod Touch Has Just The Right Touch

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By Amanda Rinaldi on
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iPod Touch

Whenever I am on campus, I would never be caught without my phone in my pocket, and my iPod Touch in my hand. Truthfully, I like to consider my Touch as an extension of myself, basically the brains behind my whole work schedule.

I am a Resident Advisor at my college, a job that requires constant connectivity to emails and on-campus programs, and since I am also a full-time student, constantly running from class to a computer and back was a huge hassle for me and a blatant waste of my running energy. I would find myself behind on important emails to send to my residents or on important responses from friends, school mates, or teachers. I tried toting my laptop to and fro, but since it was so heavy (thanks, Dell), I was developing more headaches than preventing.

Finally, I stepped into the Apple store one day and laid my eyes on the Touch. It was love at first…well…touch really. The Touch is sleek and small enough to carry in my hand yet presents a big enough screen for intricate meeting schedules, emails, and web-surfacing. The touch screen display was very chic, tech-savvy, and user-friendly beckoning to be held and used. All the color and app possibilities, combined with the free access to wi-fi as well as 16 GB of music storage, convinced me to buy this little treasure.

Although it did cost me about $300 dollars (well, it is Apple after all), it was worth every single penny. I took it for a test run on my campus, connecting it to my college’s wireless certificate with the greatest of ease. Whenever I had a new email, my email icon on the Touch display indicated it with a number, and with a simple finger motion, I was reading and replying to the email quickly. It was so easy to use and the icons actually made logical sense as to their particular function. The Touch is a personable tool for my busy day, and setting up meetings and managing my schedule is so simple. With the calendar icon, I integrated my Outlook email so that I can set up meetings and upload my class schedule and work schedule. In addition, information entered on both your computer and Touch will automatically be synced. It’s the college person’s dream!

Now, since it is the iPod Touch, I love having that 16GB of music selection, and for those that love to shuffle songs and see album covers, the Touch has a floating album library that is visually pleasing and easy to use.

The iPod Touch really is a step up from the classic iPod in terms of user-interface, design, and functionality. I highly recommend it for the music-crazed uber busy person!