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Why Triond Is Bad

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By ripstik1 on
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Writing opportunities are popping up left and right online. One that I have noticed is Triond.com. Every site i go to i hear people talking about this site and why it is so good. Well, before you even visit the site, it is important to learn why it is a waste of your time first. Only will accept full-right articles: I sometimes do not mind submitting my articles to lower paying sites such as Gather.com or Helium.com. I get to keep the right to my article as well as make a few dollars from page views without any extra work. The best part is that I do not have to watch my blog article expire just because I posted it here once. So while it is best not to sell your writing for next to nothing, I say it is okay to recycle your articles that were already used for a couple of more dollars. The problem with Triond is that they only want articles that have never been published before. I believe you can publish it elsewhere after publication with Triond occurs. Though, taking the time to research, write, and edit an article is not worth a few pennies! Those articles deserve to be making anywhere from $10-$200!

The pay is lower than low: If you have ever blogged or written for a site that shows page views, think of each individual page and the page views that it gets. Yes, Savvy Writer gets a little more than 100 page views a week, but if you clicked on one article, it most likely has not even gotten 100 page views. Even if a lot of page views come, how many of those visitors are likely to click on ads? The percentage seems so small, unless you are a big name online. Triond will pay you 50% of whatever your page's revenue can earn. That means you will have to be working extra hard just to drive traffic to your article, all so that Triond can get a nice cut of the paycheck. If that is not bad enough, you cannot get payment from Triond until your account reaches $50! For majority of the people, that will take a long time. This is exactly Triond's plans. Having people work hard to get traffic to their site for a promise of pay that only at most 20% will receive. Triond just looks too skeptical to me. You will make a lot more money by cutting out the third party website and either write for your own site or find another site or publication that pays. Earning a living as a writer is possible as long as you do not get stuck in penny sand traps like Triond.