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Why We Picked Hr Block

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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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This is a cautionary tale of what happens when the IRS decides that you are not paying your taxes.

In the early 1990s my husband became a contractor for the military in Panama. There are a few extra tax papers that you have to fill out when you are contracting that are not intuitive. However, when tax season came around my husband put together the paperwork and sent it off. I filed my taxes seperately because the first two years I was in the military (no tax rebates for the hardworking soldiers and sailors).

Here's where the nightmare started. My husband made only one mistake. He sent it to the wrong IRS office. By the time we were able to get this nightmare settled it took several years, thousands of dollars, and a tax attorney. We dealt with wage garnishment and other nasty things that the IRS can do to a normal citizen. We learned the hard way. NEVER do your taxes yourself.

Since that time we have picked tax services to do our taxes who promise to stand up if we ever need to go to the IRS again. And that is why H&R Block is our tax service. We don't care if we get the best refund possible. We don't care if the service is slightly off (although Carl Larsen at the Carson City Office is great at customer service). As long as they promise to help us with the IRS if we ever get into the same situation, we love them.

As the saying goes "once burnt, twice shy."