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Wider 900 Single Station Multi Gym

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Wayne Wilkins By Wayne Wilkins on
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The Weider 900 Single-station multigym has been a life changing and life altering experience for me since day one, and for a price of 200 British Pounds, I would have to say it is a small money price for with a high, irreplaceable result!

Back in September 2007, I weighed an excess of 14 Stone and was over weight. I felt bad in myself and bad in general, my health was poor and my self esteem was at rock bottom, this is when I decided that it was time to make a change. I decided to purchase a multi-gym station out of pure impulse and determination to do something about my weight, and what helped focus my purchase even more was my keen interest in bodybuilding which I am still currently attempting to pursue!

This specific purchase of a Weider Single Station Multigym however was one that I shall not soon regret, one that 6 months down the line is still benefiting me on a DAILY basis.

The Weider Multigym is a gym system that as the name implies, allows you to use multiple workout routines on one single station, saving you plenty of time, room and space from setting up each different station at a time, why not just go for Weider and get the ENTIRE station setup in one? The exercises included in one single station include a seated row, a lateral pulldown station, a bench and butterfly press, a quad stretch and many more.

When you make the purchase, which I bought from a catalogue, which may I add, I was skeptical at first, the station comes in a huge box which the delivery people will bring in. It comes completely boxed with a set of easy-to-follow instructions. I would recommend you setting aside time to actually set it up as it recommends two days if you do not have enough time on the first, it does take quite a while.

The workouts are customizable, and the gym comes complete with everything you need for each exercise. These include hooks to keep in the weights, nylon ropes for working the abs and row, and of course the lateral pulldown bar which can be used for all kinds of exercises. If your imagination is not working, then fear not There is an exercise guide included in the multigym which offers professional descriptions and diagrams of each exercise the gym can use as well as diagrams to help you utilize them correctly.

It also comes complete with 150 pounds worth of weight, allowing you to see fit how much weight you would like to apply for working a muscle group. For example, your legs are more powerful than say your arms, so you will want more weight on the leg station than your arm station, this is easily customizable! Literally nothing needs to be done!

I see this purchase as possibly the best thing I have ever spent my money on. It saves the hassle and cost of going to a public gym, and as a one time investment, it seemingly benefits you for a lifetime. Prior to this, I would simply sit around, now I am active, I feel great in myself, and when combined with a good exercise routine, I feel brilliant. I have dropped from 14 stone to 10 stone since I started using the Weider 900 Single-Station Multigym and I would recommend it to anybody for bodybuilding, for weight loss, for general life motivation! At a small price of around the 200 quid mark, what are you waiting for?