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mrbubl3s By mrbubl3s on
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Well, before I say anything, this was $20, so, no matter what, you can't complain TOO much. Ok, first off, its a nice little device, has B/G capabilities, a nice 4 inch screen, keyboard is a little rough, and takes some getting used to, but not too shabby, the ON/OFF switch gets on my nerves a bit, the thing that holds the battery needs 1 or 2 more screws, because it wobbles when I type. Has two little lights on the side for, incoming messege, power, and charging. Has a speaker that, is, well, about a game boy quality speaker, and i guess you can somehow play music on it if you set up a UPnP thing, but i haven't gotten it to work, maybe its because i have been using the wrong programs, (I would download a whole bunch and try them out, but I'm on dial-up, and as you can imagine, it takes a while...). Supports AIM, Yahoo (Supposedly, I haven't gotten mine to work...), and Hotmail/Gmail. Has sort of a cheap, off-brand feel to it... But a nice weight. Fits in the pocket a bit tight, so, maybe a jacket pocket? The firmware is really quite buggy, and the smiley faces all have zipits little "Z" logo in them, which makes me kinda mad, things also have trademark symbols, like their trying to be original, but their sucking at it... (You can reflash the firmware with a much better version of linux, that acually IS linux, read here for more details: http://elinux.org/ZipIt_Software ). Despite all that, it IS pretty hand. But, I think if i had a chance to redo it, I would cough up the extra $30 (on ebay...) for the Z2 (Zipit 2), looks much better.

(Also, the screen does this funny vertical "strobe" effect when you open it all the way, so if you get one, make sure you don't do that... Also screen related, the screen doesn't like up in the 1st generation zipit, but you can add a light, that is, if your 1337 enough!)