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Wii Charger Station Quad: Quality Moneysaving Accessory

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Green means good for the Wii Charger Station Quad

If you play your Nintendo Wii often, chances are you run through AA batteries like water. The Wii Charger Station Quad is your moneysaving solution. When we first bought our Wii we had no idea on how quickly our AA batteries would get drained. Although we don't play the Wii more than three hours a week, the cost of batteries can equal that of a new game in a matter of months. Thank goodness for the Wii Charger Station Quad.

The Wii Charger Station Quad does exactly as the name suggests: allow you to charge four Wii remotes at once. My Wii Charger Station Quad came with four rechargeable NiMH batteries so I didn’t have to buy extra ones to make full use of my Wii. A full charge takes less than two hours. I’ve never played so long that I drained the battery, but I get a full charge in about 30 minutes after an hour’s play.

The Wii Charger Station Quad can fit almost anywhere. With a six foot power cord, you can set your station on top of your Wii easily. The station is less than a foot long and only weighs a couple of pounds, so you can also comfortably sit it on top of a DVD player. Although you have to completely remove the remote's battery cover to use the rechargeable batteries, they have a rubberized texture that makes for an easy grip during gameplay.

A drawback from the Wii Charger Station Quad is that you have to take off the plastic Wii remote cover to get it to fit on the charger. However, you can still keep the holding strap on while charging. It can also get a bit cumbersome to make the remote sit squarely on the Wii Charger Station Quad if you have all four remotes on there. Just make sure the LED lights come on. The blue light signals that it’s charging, while a green light means you are ready to play.

If you plan to use your Wii frequently for the next few years, invest in a Wii Charger Station Quad. Consider the cost of normal batteries versus the Quad charger's rechargeable ones. Eight batteries can cost you $10 and maybe last you 24 hours of total use. A Wii Charger Station Quad costs you only three times as much but can last you years without replacing the rechargeable batteries. Save that money for more Wii games!