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Wii Console: Good Choice For Kids

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I had purchased the Wii Fit with Balance Board before I even had a Nintendo Wii console to play it on. And if I thought the Wii Fit with Balance Board was hard to get ahold of last fall, that was nothing compared to trying to find a Wii console. I got lucky one day at the mall and ran into some warehouse guys from Gamestop who told me they had just unloaded 3 Wii consoles from the truck that morning. I immediately walked into Gamestop and bought one before they had even been put out on the shelves.

The Wii console can play a reasonable selection of games, but I would put all of the Wii video games in the G or PG category, suitable in language and themes for children under 12. I really don't care to have cartoon character graphics in every game I play, although I can understand the appeal to kids. The Wii console doesn't play music CDs or DVD movies either, but you can play old Nintendo Gamecube games on the Nintendo Wii, a feature that I wish my Xbox 360 had. The Wii console comes with a built-in b/g wireless adapter for accessing online content, another feature that I wish my Xbox 360 had. The Wii console is small and lightweight, but of course the biggest appeal of the Nintendo Wii is the motion sensor controller technology that lets you move with the game.

The biggest drawbacks of the Wii console is that it eats up batteries in about a weekend, and there's a limit to how many boxing punches, baseball throws and backhand swings I can do before I've got tennis elbow and I have to stop playing to recover. The Wii console is really worth the money if you have young children in the house, or if you want to use the exercise programs, but I think older children (over 12) and adults would be happier with the PS3 or Xbox 360 for their more mature theme selection of video games.