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Wii Fit!

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kacey By kacey on
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The Wii Fit is meant to make fitness and getting in shape a fun activity. By using games and animations, Wii Fit tracks your daily progress as you work out. There are four different types of "games", yoga, aerobics, strength training, and balance. Yoga consists of several different yoga poses, usually in which you hold the pose for a short period of time. Some poses include the half-moon pose, and sun salutations. I like to pick some yoga poses for the end of my workout to help me stretch. Next, there are aerobics, including hula hoop and step. I wasn't expecting the aerobics exercises to really get my heart rate up or make me sweat, so I was happily surprised to find that the more advanced aerobics definitely do! Strength training consists of exercises to tone your body using your own body weight. Some exercises include the jackknife (for abs) and rowing squats (legs and back). The standing exercises also usually track the amount of weight on each leg to make sure that you stay balanced. Which brings me to the balance exercises. I honestly found the balance exercises the hardest. The point of them is to help improve your posture. These include heading soccer balls, tightrope walking, and ski jumps.

Overall, I think that the Wii Fit is a great investment for someone looking to add exercise to their routine without making it feel like a chore. I enjoy the Wii Fit and I definitely think it is helping me get fit!