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Wii Fit Board Get Ready To Workout!

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Olin Froid By Olin Froid on
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The Nintendo Wii has become one of the most innovative systems to come along in a long while in the video game industry. Getting people up and off their couch to play has been impressive and a great way to focus the video game experience back to what it should be-a group or family experience.

The next step in their innovation is the Wii Fit board. The board itself is a very accurate piece of equipment, combing a scale with a force plate-the scale aspect lets you track your BMI (Body Mass Index) by using your age and height as well.

The force plate however is the real nice thing here. The force plate is very sensitive-in a good way, and is very accurate as to your pressure and balance. It does an amazing job at finding and tracking you center of gravity and base of support and uses that to test you and challenge you with mini-games as well.

The games the system comes with are fun, there are Yoga, Strengthening, Aerobics and Balance games. And trust me, if you put in a good 30 minuets you will feel the work. It is best to work on all the areas, but the strength and aerobics are definitely the hardest. The games all of give you a chance to focus on your balance and strength, really cuing in on core strength and how well that can steady you. If your core muscles are strong, this won;t be very challenging for you-but most of us are not, so this should make you feel like you worked out!

The only downside is the potential for boredom-the board cannot make you play it, it does let you know if it has a been a few days that it missed you and how important it is to stay consistent. I enjoy the Wii Fit right now, and will be interested to see if I continue to stay consistent long term with it.

But overall, this is a great addition to your Wii system if you already have one and want to further advance the get off the couch idea for you or your family. It is exercise disguised as fun-a great combination in my book!