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Wii Fit Wii Fit Review

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By janette on
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My mom and I began running a few weeks ago determined to lose weight over the summer. She told me about a new program for Nintendo Wii that she saw on I think it was Good Morning America that was supposed to help you lose weight and monitoring your progress. We didn't have a Wii so we went to WalMart and bought one but they said the Wii Fit wouldn't be in until the next day. So we went back the next day to buy the Wii Fit still not too sure about what exactly it was. It turned out to be a white pad you step on that weighs you and you do your workouts on top of. It comes with a program that has 4 different types of exercises: Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobics, and Balance Games. After syncing the program onto the Wii you are allowed to make your own profile by picking a Mii (a character that represents you) and imputing your height and age. It then weighs you and measures your center of balance and has you perform some balance tests then gives you your Wii Fit Age based on the results. Mine was 29 (9 years older than my real age) which indicated the my body was a little weaker than it should be. Then it had me input how much weight I wanted to lose and in how long and then I could start. My favorite exercises are the aerobics. Some of the aerobic exercises it offers are hoola hooping (you stand on the pad and circle your hips as if you are tyring to mov ea hoola hoop), step aerobics (use the pad as you would an aerobics block), running (hold the remote in your hand as you run in a race), and kickboxing (hold remote and nunchuck in your hands while you throw punches at the punching bag on the screen). I really love this "game" but the only thing that keeps me from giving it a higher rating is that it asks you to imput your goal weight but it doesn't tell you what exercises and how often you should exercise to complete your goal. Other than that, you can take a Body Test every day that measures your BMI and weighs you and charts your progress. I really recommend this product for anyone who wants a fun way to exercise and measure the progress of their weight loss.

Update On May 29, 2008: I just wanted to add that if you already own the Wii system, the Wii Fit pad and program is just $90 before tax. If you don't have the Wii system, it costs about $350 + $90 (Wii Fit).