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Wii Game Console

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By noni_m_designs on
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This is the game system I've been waiting for! I am not a big 'gamer' and don't play most video games well. I can't get the hang of pushing a bunch of buttons in a sequence to get my character to do something. The Wii lets me use natural body movement to complete an action. The intuitive remote uses a sensor bar and wireless technology to cause action on the TV screen. Make a Mii and you can have your own likeness competing in different games. The console comes with one remote with sleeve and wrist strap, one nunchuck controller and the sports game. Wi-Fi technology lets you access additional features and allows your Miis to visit your Wii friends. Multiplayer games can accomodate up to 4 players using additional remotes and nunchucks. Remotes must be purchased separately. Nunchucks connect to the remote via a plug in cable. I'm still not a very good gamer but I'm enjoying the experience a lot more these days. I actually want to go look for games and try them out instead of dreading the video game store.

P.S. Remote flinging is not a sport, please use your wrist strap!