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Wii Game Review: My Sims Kingdom

Reviewing: Sims My Kindgdom For Nintendo Wii  |  Rating:
By mellaview on
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I bought My Sims Kingdom for the Nintendo Wii just a few days after it released. I had so much fun playing the original My Sims game for the Wii, that I imagined My Sims Kingdom would be just as fun.

Well the game does provide some fun, you design your character and your mission is to bounce around from island to island to fix things to bring order back to the kingdom.

Basically you do a lot of building, and a lot of collecting of magical essence and materials for your build wand.

Unfortunately the game feels very repetitive after some time, and it gets boring. Another thing that ruins the game are the controls. When building houses, or fixing broken machines it is hard to maneuver the cameras angles to see what you are doing.

The original My Sims game was much easier for younger children to play, but due to the messy controls this game is too complex.

I also find that the $49.99 price tag latched on to this game is way, way over priced for what you are getting.

Also, seeing that there is barely NO re-play value, I don't recommend you buy it. If anything, if you feel you still need to play it than rent it. It's not worth a bu.