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Wii Love It!

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By nattalliee on
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The Wii is the best game console out there! The best thing about it is that it is fun for everyone. The entire family and all ages can enjoy this.

The controllers use natural motions to create action on this screen. For example, when playing Wii tennis, simply stand in front of the T.V. hold the Wiimote like a tennis racket and swing away! The uses a small motion sensor that is placed near your TV and this detects the motion of the Wiimote.

When I first purchased my Wii, my 60 year old father was over and I decided to try and get him to play. Although, I am sure he has never played a video game in his life he picked up the Wiimote and was able to play in no time at all. He really got a kick out of it and by the time we were done he had a big smile on his faced and asked me where I got it and how much it cost.

The Wii is great for kids because it gets them moving around and feeling a part of the game as opposed to sitting idle on the couch.

It is also great for parties, many of the sports games allow up to 4 players. Make sure you clear out some room and that everyone wears their wrist bands though. Many stories have been told of overzealous players getting carried away and launching their Wiimote right into their TV.

Overall, Wii Love It!! I would highly recommend it to people of all ages.


*Price - at $250 this is a great deal compared to the $399-$499 price tag on the Playstation 2

*Ease of use - Almost anyone can pick up the Wiimote and learn how to use it with little instruction.

*Interactive - The Wii is so great because the motion sensitve controllers let you get up out of your seat and really make you feel like you are a part of the game.


*Graphics: There is nothing special about the graphics compared to any of the previous generation gaming consoles. It does not have the HD capabilities of the Playstation 2.