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Wii My Sims

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By tkddad on
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We rented MySims video game recently.

My son has played MySims games before but I never have. I decided give it a try when my son had it playing. I found this game was easy to learn and I can see why younger kids would find this a lot of fun.

I like how you build up your own town by building houses and buildings. Then you have to get people to open their business in your town. I feel the game might get boring after a while though. I do not think it would keep some older kids or adult's interest too long.

I think it is a neat concept for a video game. It is non violent so that is a plus.

My son and I had a lot of fun personalizing our own Sims with wacky hairstyles and dressing them in strange outfits. We were laughing at some of the Sims we made. The graphics were OK, pretty standard Wii graphics.

I think this game is fun. I really do not know how long it would keep a serious gamer's interest though. My son seemed to really enjoy it but it's asking to buy it so although it was fun, it probably was not great.