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Wii Play: Good Value, Bad Game

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By wyattt on
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Wii Play is an average minigame collection. Unfortunately, the only real value comes from the added bonus that the game carries: an extra controller. And unless you fall in love with these minigames, you won't be playing this at any parties anytime soon.

Wii Play includes some average minigames: target shooting, table tennis, a 'Where's Waldo' type game, and a few more. Near the end, you'll encounter some better games, like a motion controlled racing game and a tank shooting/strategy game. Nonetheless, the fun ends soon, even for the better minigames.

Luckily, Wii Play comes with an extra controller: a $50 value. So basically you're getting a $10 game with a $50 bonus, making this the perfect game to buy for new Wii owners. And on the bright side, this game does help you get used to using the controller, which will help newbies before they take on more advanced games.

Wii Play is a great value, but should only be bought if you need an extra controller, because the game is probably worth the $10 extra that you'll pay for the package. Some kids may like some minigames, and there are a few gems, but overall, this simply is not a good-quality game.