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Wii Sports

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Gabriel Kawa By Gabriel Kawa on
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When the Wii first came out I knew I wanted to buy the system. So I had to save up my allowance for three whole years before I could buy it. I had two reasons to buy the Wii; Firstly I went to EB games to buy a game for my GameCube, they told me that GameCube games aren't produced anymore. I was dissapointed until one of the employees said that there will be a new system soon to come out and it's called a Wii.

When I came home I decided to research the Wii, when I found out it's capabilities I was impressed. The Wii was there first system to be able to play with wireless controllers and a motion sensor. After watching about 200 commercials about the Wii I made up my mind and decided to buy the Wii. I was happy with my purchase because I knew Nintendo made quailty items for good prices. Wii Sports also came with the console for a reason, Music 4/5 the music itself is catchy and has a good rhythm. However as far as music goes the game could have used a few dozen more sound effects to it, Controls 3/5 the controls are easy to learn but don't let that fool you. Whenever you move the controller to fast the wii remote won't catch that action and you'll find yourself losing the game, and the sensor won't be able to read what you just did.

Environment 2/5 the environment wasn't to pleasing to the eyes and it looked like there wasn't a lot of effort put into the design of the level. The environment would be better if players would be able to interact with it, e.g.(take golfing when ever you finsh a hole instead of just appearing your mii could be shown walking there.) More importantly if some people wouln't want to bother themselves they could just press the A button. Graphics 2/5 a I mentioned before the environmet was lousy and the graphics looked like it was designed by amateur game designers.

Overall this game is fun despite the obvious flaws and it's fun to play with the whole family.