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Wii Would Like To Play.

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phoisgood495 By phoisgood495 on
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The one year anniversary of the release of the Nintendo Wii is fast approaching. This is a good time to assess the success of the object of love for soccer moms, the Nintendo Wii.

The Wii is a system that's focus is mainly on playability, and ease of use as such to keep the system affordable Nintendo held of on high definition graphics. The lack of graphical power restricts the Wii's capabilities, and because of this games will not have hd bumpmapping, or 8x antialiasing. If you are a casual gamer or don't mind the fact that you can't see individual hairs on one's head the graphics on wii are usually bearable. The wii can run at up to 480p so those with an hdtv will be seeing wii at its sharpest (for better or for worse.)

The game selection is a mixture of true gems and shovelware. One must be wary when buying, because the popularity of the wii at launch has spurred many developers to port ps2 games, or quickly release poorly made games. There are truly great innovative games on the wii, but one has to go searching through all the bad ones to find them.

The Wii is all about the controller. You as a gamer may have varying opinions on movement while playing, but if utilized correctly the wiimote/nunchuck combo can feel like a revolutionary experience. The only problem with the controller is the stigma developers seem to have with it in that they feel it is required to have some sort of wiimote gimmick in ever game. This problem is moot though when one plays a game such as Mario Galaxy where the motion controls add to the experience in a positive way.

The Wii sports an attractive look that will look great in any entertainment center. If the white look of the console doesn't match with your center know that at some point Nintendo is planning to launch multiple colors (akin to the ds lite color schemes.)

The Wii is having a bit of a rocky start, but its merit cannot be denied. It is a great system, but if you are a hardcore gamer I would not have this as my only system. A combination of a wii ps3, 360, or gaming pc is the best combination you can have. The wii is a great addition to any gamer's collection, and at the affordable price of 250 it is worth at least a look.