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Wikipad: Free Wikisoftware

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lenx By lenx on
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This is a highly able software. It can virtually teach you how to edit in Wikipedia. If you edit in Wikipedia and have an account there, then this is worth a try.

It is a highly useful software, which you can keep opened in your desktop and jot down important points. It is easy editor with perhaps more capabilities than even MS Word. It can be used to generate easy links, and pages, which together can be saved (exported) as a html file or any other format. The wiki is a free editing concept that was there from the start of the web perhaps. This application teaches you various editing methods in Wiki. Wiki is code based editing, almost like HTML. The software is a freeware that I am using for more than two months now.

Its main usability is its capability of organizing content. You can jot down whatever you wish to do, or have done, and have a link to the newer pages. It has a highly brilliant page organizing structure. A word with two capital letters separated with at least one letter can form a hyperlink, and the Wikipad automatically opens a new page for that. In this new page, you can jot down the details of the hyperlink. Also this is a content management system that can be edited in every way you like. Just as in the case of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you like Wikipedia, then you will definitely like Wikipad.