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Wild Animal Baby 4 Dvd Deluxe Box Set

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I purchased Little Steps "Wild Animal Baby" 4 DVD Deluxe Box Set at a Club store. I never heard of the Wild Animal Baby series and wanted to introduce something new to my kids. The price especially caught my eye. It cost 11.48 for four DVDs in a box. The packaging was very bright and colorful too. The animals on the front were soooo cute. I couldn't resist the bargain.

I brought the DVDs home and played them for my kids. This was in the Summertime, months ago. My kids were not interested at all, well maybe for about 10 minutes. I put the DVDs on the TV stand and there they set for months.

Now it is November, I bring the DVDs out again to give it another try. Same story, no interest after the first 10 minutes. One child jumped on me on the couch and one played with a ball. The DVD continued with me, myself and I watching it alone. The kids rode their big wheels and then played with toys from the toybox. After awhile I started to nod off almost and decided that's it and turned it off.

So sad! The animated characters in the DVDs are so cute. We have Skip the rabbit, Izzy the Owl, Rosie the river otter and Sandy the salamander. In one of the DVDs, all characters are trying to find out why Skip's rabbit tail is special. Other animals use their tails for certain tasks or purposes. The Dvd has real footage of giraffes, zebras etc... explaining their uses of their tails. There is some dancing and singing involved. A map is shown which pinpoints the location of their search. The characters use a magnifying glass, video camera, binoculars etc... Then they go to the ocean to explore those dolphins with tails and the forest seeing wolves.There are a couple other little stories in the DVD too. Each DVD is about 45 minutes.

Actually this DVD or character show is supposed to come to public TV Spring 2010. It is for ages 2 & up. The National Wildlife Federation has the rights to this program "Wild Animal Baby". Hopefully it will be a hit with children. So far my kids aren't too thrilled by it. I guess we will have to watch Spring 2010 and see how others view it.