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Wild Arms: Alter Code F

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By shawn on
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Wild Arms: Alter Code F is a remake of the PlayStation classic Wild Arms—the first game in the series. By the looks of things the game hasn’t changed much since its PlayStation debut. The remake isn’t very easy on the eyes and there isn’t any voice acting to be heard—something that has become commonplace in many RPGs. However, the remake does boast some new playable characters and other features, along with mechanics taken from other titles in the Wild Arms series.

Random battles, the bane of RPGs, remains, but the system allows you to control them to a degree—avoiding a certain number of battles before you have to engage. The combat system is still turn based, which means the game will feel sluggish at times, especially when you have to grind your way through a long dungeon. There’s some nostalgia to be had, but that wears off pretty quickly and you’ll be wondering why you just aren’t playing the original.

If you’re a fan of the original or still have it, there’s no real reason to go out and pick up Wild Arms: Alter Code F, it’s a hollow RPG that doesn’t even meet the substandard of today’s RPGs.