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Will Buster And The Crucible Choice By Odo Hirsch

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Multi-award winning author, Odo Hirsch, has combined his creative writing and futuristic concepts to produce a fantastic trilogy of books revolving around one main character; Will Buster. The series is about the adventures of Will Buster and his friends, Stanley Prouse and Davina MacCready with a few important side characters now and again.Hirsch's books entice, its readers with suspenseful plots and many twist and turns in the tales. The third and final book is the topping of the cake and leads the reader into one last epic adventure.

The third book in the series, Will Buster and the Crucible Choice sums up the entire series.

Will is suddenly taken out of class by his protection agent Brisk, only to find out that the evil professor Gelmet has escaped from prison. Now instead of hunting down the professor, Brisk is put to the task of a plan 4e. However, boring old Uncle Rufus (revealed in the second book), has more to him then meets the eye. With uncle Rufus and his friends, it's up to Will again to save humanity!

The third book has more twists and turns than the last two books. Unexpected revelations also occur and Will must make the biggest decision of his life.

Although the third book is excellently written, one problem that arises with writing a series of books with a male protagonist, and many female support characters, is that the reader expects some sort of romance to blossom between the protagonist and one of the female supports. The first book shows nothing of this. The second book however shows that one of Myron Dort’s (Will’s best friend) sisters (Evelina) has a crush on Will. She shows this by blushing many times during the book. But nothing happens between her and Will which is a letdown. In the third book, Ursule Evans shows that she has some sort of crush on Will (again shown by frequent blushing) and yet again nothing happens between the two. Instead, Davina is shown to have affections for Will. This is a major let down, as nothing from the first and second books show this. There is not one indicator (a blush now and again or some sort of admiration girls’ show towards the guys they love).

I think that Hirsch has written like this to suit the twists and turns of the stories instead of to the reader’s pleasure and expectations.

Although the storyline has a few downsides, the characters Hirsch has developed throughout the story are very well described and depicted. Will Buster, who is the main protagonist, is described as an average person with absolutely nothing special about him, but he turns out to be the hero that stops the evil Gelmet. Stanley Prouse is depicted as a programming nerd with a thirst for more knowledge. And lastly Davina is portrayed as a sporting enthusiast girl with no fear of adventure. Hirsch has used these characters very effectively with the storyline of his books.

In retrospect, Will Buster and the Crucible Choice highly recommended for teens aged anywhere between 12 and 16. I would give the series an overall rating of 4/5 stars for excellent scenarios and character development with a small flaw in the storyline but still, undoubtedly a brilliant series.