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Will Remy Make His Dream Come True?

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Ratatouille is a new story created by Disney and Pixar. As I have not seen the movie, I was interested in reading the story for my own enjoyment. I love the Disney-Pixar collaborations, and this is one of the better, more unique tales. While I don't like mice or rats, you can't help but feel love for Remy, the main character.

The tale follows Remy, a rat, whose dream is to become a great chef like his idol, Auguste Gusteau. When Remy finds out that his idol has died from a four-star review, he is in shock. His dreams may have died along with his idol. After a sailing adventure in the sewer pipes, Remy finds out he has actually been under Paris, France! Soon, through Gusteau's book, Remy finds his way to his idol's restaurant, now being ran by the head chef, Skinner. A new garbage boy, Linguine, soon becomes friends with Remy after a great pot of soup is made between the two of them, giving Linguine a chance to study cooking. Remy and Linguine forge a good system, with Remy residing under the chef's hat, pulling his hair like a puppet to learn to chop, mince, peel, mix and pour ingredients to make great meals.

After the restaurant is gaining popularity again, Remy finds his family. His father tries to persuade him not to go back to live with humans, as they are not nice. But Remy will not listen and returns to the restaurant despite his father's pleadings. When he arrives back at the restaurant, Remy finds that Linguine has let his ego take him over. It turns out that Linguine is actually Gusteau's son, so he inherits the restaurant! Linguine fires Skinner and tells everyone that he is so great. He even tells Remy he doesn't need him anymore.

But then Linguine finds out that a critic will be in to taste his creations. Remy conjures up all of his friends to take what they want from the restaurant, only to get caught by Linguine. But Linguine and Remy realize they need to help each other to please this critic. When Linguine comes clean with the other chefs about Remy being the real chef, they all leave. Colette comes back and agrees to help cook the meal, Ratatouille, for the critic. When the critic is done eating, he asks to meet the chef and is introduced to Remy. The critic, Ego, leaves speechless. The next day the review is in and is given the best rating! However, the health inspector had found the rats and closed the restaurant down. Soon after, a new restaurant, called Ratatouille, is opened, with Ego investing, Colette and Remy cooking and Linguine serving. Remy has finally realized his dream of becoming a chef.

As with all Disney-Pixar stories, there is a lot of color, a lot of action and a good story. I like that it will teach my children to tell the truth and believe in their dreams. For me, I like to see a "kid's" story that is also appealing to adults. The story is unique and very entertaining. I believe it is a story for all ages!