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Will You Be Left Behind?

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I had resisted reading Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins for years. It seemed that everyone in my life were reading this series but me. I have to say that the main reason for my resistence was because I was not exactly a Christian. Sure, I went to church and bible study but was not a true Christian. I felt that this book would not be my cup of tea so I refused to read it until I finally gave in. I am not sure why I gave in. I think I was tired of hearing about everyone saying what a great book it is and what a great series it is. I had to find out for myself.

I love to read. I read everything, no matter what the subject matter is. I began reading this book with an open mind. Although I had resisted at first, when I sat down to read it I wanted to get everything out of the experience. That is what I try and do with all books.

I have to say that when I began reading it, I could truly identify with many of the characters, in particular Chloe. I, too, am analytical and look at things from that perspective. I think that is why I distanced myself from God for so long. I had to admit that not only did I identify with her, I also identified with many other ideas in the book. In short, it was life changing. This book challenged my thinking and gave me a much different perspective than anything that I had ever felt comfortable with.

I really do recommend this book to anyone that loves to read. In fact, I even recommend it to those that do not like to read. Shortly after reading this series I gave my life to Christ and it changed my life. Now I am NOT saying that everyone that will read it will have the same experience, what I am saying is that it is very thought provoking and a good story. It is written well and grabs the reader's interest right from the start.

Being that this book was written in 1995, it has been out for awhile. This is not a new book. I barely read it about 2 years ago, however. In fact, my husband just read it for the first time this month. He is NOT a reader and he said it was a great story and now wants to read the other books in the series. If you love to read then I believe you will enjoy Left Behind, even if you are not interested in Christian fiction.