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Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet

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Micah Scott By Micah Scott on
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I really enjoy playing tennis but I no longer play for a team like I once did in high school and college. I still play for fun whenever I get a chance though and this year I decided to pick up a new racquet. I could have had an old one regripped and restrung but that can cost 50-100 dollars or more. I decided to try a cheaper racquet and went with the Wilson Impact.

I chose this racquet for a few reasons. First, the face of the racquet is large and that gives me a little more room for error when striking the ball. I am not as quick as I once was so the extra face size is a plus. Secons was the weight. This racquet is very light and that is something I prefer. Third was the grip. It has a larger handle with a padded grip, both things I like. I don't mind the leather grips one can get but these are always more expensive. Finally, it came with the soft shock absorber which if purchased separately can add at least a few more dollars to the price. This isn't something I really needed as I am not hitting anything with that much power where I can really feel the difference with it, but since it was included it was fine.

The strings were fine and after playing with it for awhile I had no fraying or losening of any of the strings. The strings aren't super tight as some people like them to be however for me and for playing for recreation they were fine. Over the summer the Wilson has held up well and for the price it was a good deal. If you are looking to buy a racquet for simple fun this is a fine model. If you are looking at a racquet for real competition you would probably want to spend more and get one that is specifically strung to your playing style and comes from some where other than a retail shop.