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Winchester Defender 12 Gauge

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My husband loves this Winchester model 1300 Defender 12 Gauge shot gun. He has had it since 1998. It is a Winchester model 1300 Defender 12 gauge. I don’t know much about shot guns (any guns for that matter) so my hubby is helping me write this. Neither one of us speaks technical shot gun language! So bear with me! LOL!


Magazine Capacity is 8

Barrel length is 18 inches

Over all length is 39 ½ inches

Pull length 14 inches

Chamber Size 3 inch Mag.

This is a pump action shot gun. It is all black, , and the sight on it is the kind that looks like a mini glow stick…when light hits it, it causes this piece to brighten (almost neon green looking) which allows you to sight better in low lighted conditions. (Sorry...we don’t know the technical name for this piece!)

The for end (fore arm) is black as well and has ribs/grooves to allow better grip, this part is made out of a heavy duty plastic.

It states on the shot gun that it will take 2 ¾ and 3 in Mags.

My husband has not taken this hunting (no time) however he has used it for shooting targets and skeet. He says that it is very accurate, he likes that it has a short barrel so that the spread opens up faster giving you more accuracy. He likes that it is very light weight, and holds more ammunition (8 slugs) than most shot guns.

It is easy to clean/maintain. He just uses a gun cleaning kit. It does need to be cleaned after every usage or it can/ will rust/corrode.

It is also very easy to load, very easy to fire…just watch out for the recoil!

One thing my husband says he does not like about it is that it is not padded well so you REALLY feel the kick when firing.

Over all this Winchester is awesome…it is a basic pump action shot gun that my husband says he would recommend to any hunter, beginner or recreational (target/skeet) shooter. This is also recommended for any fowl hunting (duck, pheasant, quail).

He got this Winchester in 1998 at Wal-mart. He can’t remember what exactly he paid for it then however; we have seen this exact model online for $350 dollars and up wards.