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Wind Resistant Torch

Reviewing: Ozark Trail Wind Resistant Lighter/Torch  |  Rating:
Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I had bought some fireworks for this past fourth of July and I do not like using matches when lighting fireworks. That's a little too close to the fuse for me. I went to the camping section at Walmart looking for some torches that would make it easier and safer. I found the Ozark Trail Wind Resistant Torch for $3.99. I liked the wind resistant feature on the label because where I was going to set the fireworks off is out in the open and there are some pretty good winds out there sometimes.

The torch is made out of a black metal and the handle is made of blue plastic. There is a tab/switch on the top of the handle that you pus forward with your thumb. While you push that handle foward you need to thn pull the trigger with your pointing finger. This seems easy enouth but can actully be a little tricky at times. Sometimes the trigger does not want to pull. That is probably my only complaint with this product. But for the most part it works as it should. The flame is not just a flame but acts and feels like a mini blow torch. There is also a smaller swith on the side of the handle where you can adjust the size of the flame that it releases.

The fuel sorce inside the handle seems to last for a long period of time. I have used this torch many many times to light candles, incense, ect... and it is still over half full of fuel.

Over all this is a great product and can be used to light many things from candles to camping fires. The wind resistant aspect is great especially for outdoors use. The only drawback is the push/pull aspect of lighting the torch. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not.