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Windex All In One Glass Cleaning Tool

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vsimeone By vsimeone on
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A couple weeks ago, Hubby and I cleaned the windows in the back of our house. I had about 1 1/2 bottles of the Windex cleaner that attaches to the hose that you can spray off the windows. We cleaned about 9 windows and the screens but ran out of solution before I finished the screens. It did an "okay" job. It was acceptable as I didn't want to tip each one in from the inside and do them by hand.

We had intended to buy some more solution to do our additional 9 front windows when I received a Windex Outdoor All in One Glass Cleaning Tool as part of a Bzz campaign. So yesterday, we broke it out to see how it would work.

Hubby put the "tool" together without any problems and he attached an "extender" that we had here around the house so that it would be easier to reach our second floor windows. I wet all the windows down with the hose while Hubby got out the step ladder. He started with a VERY large window that we have that is in our foyer and VERY difficult to clean. The cleaning pad took a few minutes to "suds" up but then, the solution seemed to go on very easily. We did all nine windows and the screens and the pad was still sudsy.

I rinsed all the windows (and screens) and the water seemed to "sheet" quite nicely on the glass. Upon close inspection, the Windex Outdoor All in One Glass Cleaning Tool really seemed to do a nice job! In hindsight, while the "main" parts of the windows dried with no spotting or streaking, we obviously didn't do a great job of getting the sudsy pad to the very edges because there are still some water spots on the edges of the windows. It's obvious that we missed those areas.

So, all in all, the tool did exactly what it claimed to do. It was fast, easy and there was no mess. I will use this product in the future (already have some coupons for replacement pads) but will be extra careful to reach into the corners of the windows better than we did this time.