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Windows 7 Amazing Review

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Hi This review is about microsofts newest Operating system. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate. I have had this for almost 6 months now, As i was a beta tester. I have the Version 7600( the Retail version of this) and After October 22 My key was Converted into a legal activation key leaving me with a Full version of microsofts newest OS. So i thought i would give a Lovely review about it.

Over the last 6 months i have used Windows 7 i have come to know and love windows 7. The speed and core usage compaired to vista Is more like what Vista should have been in the first place. No im not saying vista was a Mistake but it would have been nice if Microsoft got it right in the first place. Windows 7 has tons of new features. Some i can name off the top of my head and some that are so deeply Inbeaded in the system i forgot about them.

If you have ever tested the RC version of this you know that windows 7 Is increadibly faster then any other windows OS i know. Yes Windows XP is still known as the best But, In my own opinion windows 7 is going to hone down on windows XP and show its pretty face and say hey Sorry but your rain of Amazingness is over.(sorry i was a little kidish there)Going back to topic. The style of windows 7 is all about Being able to Easily get to your Files with ease. File hosting and Home made wireless networks have never been so easy to make that i made my Best friend install windows 7 on his laptop so we can game anywhere because its just that easy to make a Wireless connection between 2 laptops.

Windows 7 is Touch friendly and has all the software and combatibility you could need. Windows 7 even makes features touch features in Programs that doesnt even Support Touch screen. As i do not have a touch screen i cannot go into Descreat detail about the touch features windows 7 Has.

Overall Windows 7 IS the new Best (opinion) operating system todate along side Mr. Microsoft Windows XP, Sorry Windows Vista you are just to slow for the human race. I have personally Test and Benched Windows Vista Home and Windows 7 Ultimate(beta) and Even in beta stages Vista was Just left in pixel dust of windows 7.

Love windows 7 Recommend it to anyone with the cash at hand there going for about 120$ to 200$. I may not be 100% accurate with the price but get your copy and you will understand Why I chose Windows 7 As my O.S.

Review by CncmasterW