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By spike peterium on
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Windows paint, I think is pretty cool. HERES A HINT: PUSH SHIFT AND DRAG YOUR MOUSE. If you do that, it will make a straight line, its pretty cool. I have created some pictures, they are down below. Can you create pictures like me, well yes you can. Windows paint is on many Computers, if not, just search it on google, and download it, its usually free. There is fill, if you create a space, you can fill that with all one color. There is spray can, you can change the size. There is Brush, my personal favorite. It allows you to make a cool stroke. You can make straight lines, curved lines, jagged lines, and you can change the color of every single one. The Water color drop is pretty much useless, unless you know how to use it. first, click it, then move your mouse over a color, it expands it or give you the exact color. Windows paint is very useful for makeing your own pictures. Many people take a picture for example a cat with a big belly and will put a text bar around it and say "I will eat the world" and that picture will get tons of views. Many people use it to make backgrounds for their desktops. If you are very good at editing stuff, you can edit a picture with this program. Even though it is free, I prefer another program to edit your pictures if your new to editing pictures. Many people agree with me and like this program, do you like it, it do. It is also good for entertaining people, your kids for example if you have some. They will love it. Please rate this if you like it and look at the pictures, hope you have good drawings and can become as good as me :). If you do not like it, you can buy a different kind of program, instead of free, for ten bucks to three thousand. If you like it, please comment.