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Windows Phone 7 Series

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By jameshe007 on
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The Windows 7 Phone was designed by Microsoft and a well designed one it is. This phone unlike many others has a greater chance of meeting user's purpose. Many other phones are loaded with features that can be said to be absolutely useless. The Microsoft Phone was specifically designed with features users would use the most. The general features would be calling, texting, and anything else a phone can do.

The difference between this and most phones is that the Windows 7 Series Phone is touch screen while many phones are still loaded with keys and buttons. Some phones are also switching to touch screen, but most still haven't. Some other features include web browsing when a service is available at a Wi-Fi Hot-spot while other times you can pay for the service. This is really similar to the Iphone since it also has that applications feature. On the Windows 7 Series Moblile it makes everything more organized. Unlike the Iphone application, the Windows 7 Phone's applications are kept in a separate folder making the desktop of the phone's display neater.

The other great feature about this phone is the Xbox Sync. This isn't very useful especially on a phone. There is no need for this, but to make everything more convenient, I guess Microsoft relates and puts all its products together to function in a way. This Xbox feature would only suite those for gaming uses. It's is one of those things nice to have, but not really a need.

The specs of this product is given, and you can see that it is a phone like no other. It does suite most people with the basic features. The battery life of this product is actually quite long depending on how much you use it and turn it on. Generally it does last a long time. It is really easy to use and you can actually get fast service. This isn't a phone like Iphone where you have to pay for every application you buy or music you listen to. The Windows Phone has a plan like where you can pay an amount for one month and use it. there is the backstage pass currently so by going to : http://www.windowsphone7series.com you can actually get free items ranging from applications to ringtones as a backstage member.

Overall this is quite the product to get comparing with the features and price it offers at.