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Windows Vista: A Great Upgrade From Windows Xp

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By billgates100 on
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Windows Vista is what brought a new revolution in the way of computing, with advancements in security, accessibility, and compatibility makes it a great Investment for any person. Computers as from 2006 have been fully able to have Windows Vista installed without any complications with its hardware or drivers but there are many annoyances when regarding Windows.

When looking right at the basic 32-bit edition of the software you will notice its system requirements; notice how extensive it is? It requires 20 gigabyte of Hdd (hard disk space) on your computer so when buying a new desktop and says has a 250 gigabyte hard drive, know it is at least 230 gigabyte and probably less with all the pre installed accessories. It needs an average computer from 2006 onward to run effectively. Also, beware of which edition you buy the 32 or 64-bit version offered at stores, if your processor is a 64 like mine and I bought a 32-bit version on accident all you need to do is call Microsoft and tell them for a replacement or that if your computer only has a cd drive no dvd, the default of the windows disk, you still need to contact Microsoft and ask for CD’s. these don’t cost much or anything at all but just simple inconvenience. Well, after a long chat with a Microsoft technician on my other pc I installed windows vista in 3 hours ( it takes longer because I had ubuntu linux installed as my computers operating system) and I was ready for experiencing vista for the first time. After a day or two reinstalling my favorite games I realized how annoying it is to look at system requirements. On most games there are two sets of minimum requirements one for xp and one for vista, honestly my eyes read xp and end up noticing I need more ram to play it so I drive to the store and buy more, it just fascinated me how heavy the vista operating system is.

I can’t be a one sided review as I never looked at a Macintosh computer in my life so I must point out that there are many advancements since XP.

1. A self reliant updater, when Microsoft makes a new service pack or update a vista computer will automatically install them quicker without that large icon whenever your xp pc starts up.

2. Cleaner graphics, newer games look much better even without the best graphics card.

3. Simpler understanding, as you progress through your day it is simpler to locate recent files with the new “start” function, now you search for a program or file and it appears on a search result.

Now that you understand Windows Vista a little better now make a smart decision and buy it, the upgrade from xp costs only 129.99 if you want to wait it out a little longer windows 7 will be out at November for the same price of 129.99 so it is your decision.