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Windows Vista By Microsoft

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klkwid By klkwid on
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After reading a few Vista reviews on here, I needed to add on to the list. The ones I've been reading were very positive. I can agree that Windows Vista seems faster and it does have some pretty cool features. It's pretty close to XP, the operating system that I am used to using in that respect. Vista seems ok to me, but there are several little "glitches" that need to be worked out. It seems like it has a lot of strange little occurances that shouldn't happen if you ask me. Programs shut down for no reason sometimes (which happened on XP, too, don't get me wrong) or they'd get stuck. Vista has this irritating little notice that comes up and asks if you want to close the program. Fine, yes, I want to close. It starts running a little checker at that point to see if it can fix whatever the problem was. Typically, if I say that I want to close the program, I'd just like the program to close. Another thing is that when a program opens up another program (ie Java starts because you open a file), Vista asks you permission to continue to open Java. I can understand that this is a safety feature. Maybe it's a setting that I just don't know how to change, but I find it irritating and overbearing. It's not that it happens once in a while-it happens ALL THE TIME! I guess that if it's going to happen once and twice, then the system learns that it's ok to open that program it should stop asking. The computer welcome screen that helps navigate through the entire computer is nice, but it takes time to load and I turned it off. There's also a screen on the side that opens automatically and offers news stories, the clock, and other assorted goodies such as pictures that came with the computer-I don't want it or need it, but I don't know how to turn it off and sometimes it intrudes on the program I'm trying to run-it just pops up on top of the one I'm using!

One good thing that appears to come with Vista is their new security system-that SHOULD BE geared towards easier use. With all the idiots out there trying to ruin computers for people they don't know with viruses, we need the protection and that should be easy to use. It also allows for easy backup of data-that's a very nice feature.

All in all, it'll be an ok replacement for XP, but Microsoft should have worked on this for a longer time before putting it out-there are too many little odds and ends that need to be cleaned up. I'm a regular computer user, but definitely NOT a programmer and I just don't thin k this program is geared enough towards the ordinary people yet. Actually maybe it's geared TOO MUCH towards ordinary people-whatever it is, I like XP more. i use my computer for a reason and I know what I need to do. I just don't need the extra shiny buttons to click on when I have work to do. Work on speeding it up and making it more efficient-not fancying it up so it looks pretty and works slower with more glitches and stopped programs because it takes so dang long to load the little extras they try to put in here.