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Wine Serving Coaster And Stopper

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By glent on
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I do like my wine. I guess my dentist would prefer I chose whites, but reds are my all-time favorites. The only thing that really gets me mad about red wine is that it seems to eat away at stoppers. I've bought and been given ( "I know . . . let's get him something about wine for Christmas . . . " ) a ton of them, and most simply get ugly and corroded.

When visiting the wine country in Temecula, California, I spied my all-time favorite stopper. It's solid glass ( I even forget whether it's crystal or not ) and simply ideal. There's nothing to corrode with this stopper. It is a good fit in any size bottle, washes off easily, and looks great all the time. I've thrown away beautiful ones from Venice that just didn't work well. If there are kids or clumsies of any age around, you might find it in pieces on the floor, but ( knock wood ) it has withstood my fumbling for about five years. I'm told clear or colored cast resin ones work just as well, but until I shatter this one, I'm not in the market.

A coaster is also really helpful. No clanking a heavy wine bottle down on my tile counters, thank you. Any body with marble counters knows that it's not a good idea to mix marble with red wine, either. This one is pewter, or something that looks like it, and has a cork liner. Even splashes of Burgundy or Zinfandel wipe right off. The two came as a set on clearance. I'm certainly going to keep my eye out for another coaster that resembles it.

Enjoy, friends; or as they say in Florence - Divertirse, Amici !