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Win Mpg Video Converter

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Looking to convert several videos I had at one point to MPG format, I thought that upon coming across this, there would be no need for me to look any further given that it sounded very similar to WinAVI (in full, the program's name is WinAVI Video Converter - possible twins, eh?), that being in terms of the software's title. Shortly thereafter I would find out that it was indeed not the case, as WinMPG Video Converter happens to be from a brand called "Direct Soft", whereas WinAVI Video Converter is from "ZJMedia". Just goes to show myself that I can never make such assumptions ever again, even if the possible "logic" is just there! The program itself is pretty much straightforward with its simple, yet somewhat "unstablized" design such that you would think that this was just put out in a rushy-like fashion just to "hurry up and make money".

It really feels as if that's the case, and along with that, I tried to convert perfectly "normal" videos (meaning that they weren't corrupted, incomplete, and whatnot) to the MPG format (by the way, for those who aren't aware, MPG is an abbreviation for, as far as I'm concerned, Moving Picture Experts Group, although I may be wrong on that since I'm leaning more towards that full name being for MPEG - but despite that, I myself am aware of that being a "file extension"), and somehow, someway, I had no luck in getting my way around into making that video conversion possible. But as far as the product in overall terms go with design, effectiveness and functionality goes, I don't really find myself spending the 30 bucks on this, given that it seems as if a child made it (not to be taken the wrong way). Definitely not worth it on that spec at all; I suggest shooting for other converters out there that have been more "established" and have an original design, to of course, do the job.