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Wipes Call Of Duty 5's Socks Off

Reviewing: Infinity Ward Call Of Duty 4  |  Rating:
By Nicholas Day on
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This game is by far one of the best games i have ever played. The graphics and gameplay in both online and the story line are brilliant. If you have played call of duty 5 but not this your missing out. In my opinion call of duty 4 blows it socks off. Firstly I prefer the game play because I find the guns easier to use as well as being more modern and up to date because they include red dot sites and grenade launchers. The only bad thing compare to cod 5 is that the graphics are not as good but this is simply because it is an older game.

The story line is also good and quite long. The whole thing revolves around missions that your sas squad has to complete from saving hostiges to sniper and demolition missions - there's even an assualt course at the start which is really good fun.

Most of all I love the online games.They are great if you have completed the campaign mode and want something else to keep you entertained. You battle against online players from all over the world in a range of maps and missions from simple team deathmatch matches to hardcore search and destroy where you only get one live. The only downside is that people have found glitches and hide in secet spots where they can see you but you cannot see them.Overall this is the best war game and multiplayer game i have evr played and i would highley reccommend it. For the amount of hours it keeps ou entertained it is well worth the money.