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Wire Jewelry Magazine

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If there were a recall on Magazines and recycling became mandatory, I would be devastated! I am well known for my magazine obsession. Not the standard beauty, home or travel magazines but the Arts. I have been collecting magazines for years and have so many that they have to be housed in Rubber maid containers along with my vast collection of hard cover books and paperbacks.

If I were to get dollar for dollar on the cover of all the magazines I own right now, I'd be oh so rich! But, alas, I simply wouldn't be able to part with any of them so would remain a pauper because of that.

The Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine is one of my newer obsession having only picked up 3 or 4 issues so far but it is one of my favorite jewelry creation references that I tend to turn to numerous times. The issues I've gotten so far are packed with a nice array of project how-to's and although I usually pick them up because of the Chain Maille tutorials this month's issue had a unique spin on creating Kumihimo, which is a very old Japanese method of weaving. Some very striking items can be made by using nothing more than a circular disk and some threads such as embroidery, knitting or even cross stitch threads. The catch this time however is that Kumihimo is being completed with wire! That right there led me on a search to discover that there aren't many tutorials on the net regarding wire weaving in the Kumihimo style - perfect, an area I can be somewhat of a pioneer in.

Other projects this issue include a delicious needle lace caged pendent which is completed using another wire weaving technique as well as a wire weaved shell brooch and of course a couple of tutorials regarding my favorite - Chain Maille. Each tutorial comes with a good selection of pictorial emphasis which allows you to follow along and not only read about what you must do to accomplish a project but also see it in progress - always a bonus. Along with the various projects the magazine also incorporates news about some of the latest and newest tools, kits and books that are out on the market. Each issue runs around 74-75 pages in length so there isnt a lot of bulk to it but that means there isn't an over abundance of advertisements either, which I like.

The paper it's printed on is a slight glossy texture which shows off the colored photography nicely and is relatively easy to read unless you are in a poor lighting situation or one that is extremely bright (i.e. sunlight) which can then cause a bit of difficulty but nothing that can't be overcome by simply repositioning the magazine.

The advertisements that are included are geared directly towards the wire artist and jewelry maker and are placed in such a manner that although spread throughout the magazine, they aren't an annoyance like some tend to be.

Project experience ranges from very basic beginner to advanced and there are just the right number of each to ensure that the reader feels they are getting something worthwhile from the issue they've purchased.

Thus far the magazine issues that have been available since this magazine hit shelves, have all held something that interests me. The cover price isn't outrageous, especially considering that a number of other magazines I purchase cost over $20 per month. With the current frequency that this particular magazine has, the $7.99 cover price (which if purchased at places like Wal-Mart where discounts are offered) definitely won't break the bank. Overall, this magazine is done up nicely and the only drawback I have with it is that it doesn't come out on magazine shelves nearly as often as I would like - but then, as a magazine junky, none of my favorites come out often enough to please me. That accounts for the rating I've provided for it. Interweave has apparently recognized this as well and has launched a brand new magazine as an extension to this one called Wire Style which offers fifty brand new designs created by some of Step by Step Wire Jewelry's top contributors. It was expected to hit store shelves in mid-August which means I need to make a trip to the magazine store again today! Just what I need, yet another reason to hang out at the local book store and spend more of my money! Oh woest me!