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Wireless Mouse (Walmart)

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Tyler Sonsteng By Tyler Sonsteng on
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I have been on the lookout for a wireless mouse recently, and I stumbled upon one at Walmart labelled simply Wireless Mouse for $12.99, and seeing as I had a gift card figured it would be worth a shot.

I recommend avoiding this mouse, it feels like it was made more for the left hand than the right hand, even though it functions as a right handed mouse, so it is not all that comfortable. While using the mouse it seems as though the infrared transmitters lags, as the movement of the pointer on the screen is glitchy and it is difficult to click exactly where one wants to. Sometimes the buttons on the mouse will stick making quick clicking for games almost impossible.

The one upside to this mouse is that the USB transmitter is tiny, so it barely sticks out of your computer, and the mouse itself has a storage for it in the bottom allowing for easy transportation.

Although it was cheap, I wish I had forked out the extra money to get a mouse I could use comfortably and efficiently rather than fighting it to get it to do what I want. The only reason for buying this mouse would be for the most basic of computer needs, if you need anything more than that do not buy this.