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Wireless N Home Router Basic, Sleek

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Wireless-N Home Router

What I know about routers you can put in a thimble. I’m so ignorant because this is one of the electronic things that my husband sets up, even though I’m a competent computer person. But I can share what I do know about this one. It looks nice and works well, and I can compare some things to the previous models we had.

We’re now on our fourth router. The reason we’ve had so many is due to thunderstorms. Even with a heavy-duty surge protector they seem to be too vulnerable to lightning.

We have been able to have wireless internet for the past few years because there is a receiver mounted on our roof (that speaks to a tower), and a router located in the house. We have two computers connected to the router by cable, and a laptop that speaks to it wirelessly, and an iTouch as well.

This time, about two weeks ago, we blew out another router because a thunderstorm came up when neither of us was home, and despite the surge protector, the previous unit was damaged.

So, it was off to Wal-Mart. The price of their basic unit has come down to $45, so that was good. This is called the Basic Wireless-N Home Router. It’s supposed to be good for internet connections and email, but not powerful enough for some applications.

Our connection speed is 54 MBPS, well within the 150 MBPS limit of the router. We’ve never noticed any problems with the router on this issue.

There are some changes of this model over the previous ones. This one has a sleek new design. The old one was square and had antennae that flipped up. This one has no attached parts like that. It’s all one molded shape- very space-age! This also has greater security. Previously, there was no password required when my laptop connected wirelessly. Now, the first time I got on with the laptop (and the first time my hubby connected with his iTouch) we had to enter a code. After that first time, the devices were recognized. So, I guess this means that someone couldn’t access the internet by sitting in our driveway with their laptop. This isn’t an issue for us, as we live in the country. But I know that I’ve gotten on line via complete strangers’ wireless internet in towns from time to time. The code requirement would stop this.

We did have to take the router to our internet provider to have it programmed. We didn’t remember doing that with the previous ones, but they said we must have.

My office is on a different floor from the router, and probably in a straight line, my desk is 30 feet from the router. My connection there is stable but low strength. When I’m in the same room as the router the strength is excellent.

Sometimes a friend comes over to download something. When he adds his computer to the system, everything does seem to slow down a bit.

There are little blue lights on the front that blink which are supposed to tell us something. All I know is... if they blink, it is on. The black shows the dust a lot.

The box says it can be used with PC or Mac.