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Wiseguy Sonny Steelgrave And The Mob

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Wiseguy was a TV series back in the 1980s starring Ken Wahl. I really enjoyed this show and wish it had lasted longer on TV. The critics panned it but the viewers loved it.

In Sonny Steelgrave and the Mob, Vinnie Terranova (Ken Wahl) is an undercover agent for the OCB. He even did time in jail to establish a strong cover. He must infiltrate the mob, headed by Sonny Steelgrave (the late Ray Sharkey). What he doesn't count on is becoming close to Sonny, to the point where they are like brothers. He must bring this man down, and it is a very difficult part of his job. Wiseguy was on TV every week, and Sonny Steelgrave and the Mob was a story arc that spanned weeks of episodes. The story isn't wrapped up in just a couple of shows. That was one thing I really liked about Wiseguy. The plot and character portrayals would build over the course of so many episodes, and you could really get into the story.

Season One, Part One is 600+ minutes. There are some special features, such as commentaries, interviews and gag footage, plus two bonus episodes.

I really enjoyed this series and the great acting of Ken Wahl and his costars. There was a lot of action and drama in Wiseguy, and the Sonny Steelgrave and the Mob story arc was one of the best of the entire series.