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Reviewing: Horror Film Wishmaster  |  Rating:
By mikeys-thoughts on
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Wishmaster is about an evil creature called the Djinn who grants people wishes that have terrifying outcomes, but his main goal is to rule earth. In order for that to be fullfilled he must first find and grant the person who awakened him from within ancient gem he was trapped in 3 wishes.

The Storyline

I like the idea of the story. Some of the stuff don't have enough of an explanation though. I find my self asking why was the the Djinn awakened during a scene. The reason is not obvious enough for the story to keep going for me but this is a stupid horror film, lol. Also, some wishes that people make in the film are not always clear-cut and could turn out different ways. Since its a horror film the wishes understandably never have a good outcome.

The Humor

Many horror films have some humor as well as twised humor and this film is no exception. The first amount of humor would be an actor who looks like the classic example of a Bum as well as playing the role very well. Also theres humor involved in the wishes that the DiJinn grants people. 2 of the wishes granted in the movie were funny. The first funny wish was crazy funny involving a guy in trouble with the law, and the second wish involved a security guard. The humor has good creativity overall.

The Special Effects

The Special Effects of the film are really good and impressive but I have seen better in movies. I wouldn't say its a good as the Terminator 2 special effects which is still great till this day.

The Fakeness

When the Djinn grants wishes to people the interactions can look fake. He basicly walks up to people hes never met and has a deep persuasive interactions with them about what their wishes and they go along with it. This type of interaction is something I would expect from people i've known for a while and are too personal for a complete stranger to just walk up out of no where and have me be that open. The quality of the Acting therefore goes down. However, the guy who plays the role of the Dijnn portrays the character himself really well. Its just some of his interactions that lack quality. If the interactions were taken out of the film though it would take a large chunk of the film with it destroying much of the storyline so the low grade way of communicating has to be there.

The Ending

What causes the ending of the film isn't impressive but instead seems too simple.

The Extra Features

I really like the extra features of the film. Interviews are done from a good amount of people involved in the making of the film. Also commentary is availible during the film from the creators telling about all the details they would only know about during the scenes.


Wishmaster wasn't really that good of a film. I would suggest watching something else.