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Wishmaster 2

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Wishmaster 2 like the original involves Nathaniel Demerest(a.k.a. the Djinn). The plotline is just about same (the environment is much better when compared to the original) which is he grants people wishes in exchange for their souls. Once he has enough souls he must grant the person who released him 3 wishes. If he succeeds in all this he and his race (the Djinn) rules the earth.

Early Parts of the Film

The movie starts out involving a robbery in a museum which is dumb. Examples are when they bust the bust glass thats protecting a diamond they don't expect an alarm to go off and then they start to freak out once they hear it. Pro robbers just don't do this and even to a modern day person they should know this.

Trademarks of Nathaniel Demerest

Nathanial Deminersons look is amusing in more ways than one whether it be in little creature form or in his human form where he has a constant grin on his face that the actor maintains by Slightly Slouching his head downward. Mentally hes always trying to get inside peoples heads when it comes to their desires.

The Organization and Pace of the Film Overall

Some of the stuff in the film doesn't always add up like wishes that people make are not always directly said to Demerest but he still grants the wishes. The original had the same situation. I wouldn't call it a problem and its not really bad but the great films don't have this problem. An example of a great film would be the Dark Knight where everything was just setup perfectly for a great storyline. I can't recall questioning any mistakes in the Dark Knight storyline. The pace of the film is definitely better this time around when compared to the original. The original had the problem of doing too much too fast.

The Overall Environment of the Movie

One of the reasons I enjoyed watching the sequel because of the surroundings which makes the storyline better to watch. Demerest makes his debut into the prison system (watch why to find out) and he makes his presence known. He needs his own prison just for him by what I see in the film, lol. Overall Demerest is smart about and going to environments where people are more prone to wish when compared to the sequel which also makes the storyline more appealing to me.

The Acting

The Acting in the film is better than the original mainly because the pace of the film.

Other Characters Involved In the Movie

The Character named Morgana is forced to give the Djinn 3 Wishes in the film. I wish they would of had a guy who awakened the Djinn this time instead of a woman. At least the film would of been more different.

The Charactor Gregory (a Priest) gives the film adds a nice touch to a film that has to do with demons. I'm glad they at least put some charactor that was of good heart in the film.

The Charactor named of Osip I don't particularly care much for as hes a suck-up to Demerest.

Funniest Scene In the Movie

Just like the original the scenes in Wishmaster 2 can be comical. The funniest and most twisted scene involves a lawyer talking to his client. Its too bad for the lawyer as well as his client, lol.

The Extra Features

They really don't offer much in the extra feature as its just paragraphs about the movie you can read. The first Wishmaster Extra Features was much better as it offered interviews of some of the cast as well as some of the creators of the film. Wishmaster 2 also doesn't offer commentary by the producers during the film like the original which isn't a big complaint but still would be a nice addition. However, the movie is the main thing I care about so the extra features don't mean much.


This film may be too sacrilegus for some people, but I enjoyed watching it. Also The overall presentation of Wishmaster 2 was better than the original. The best part of the film is the locations of the storyline. If it were not for the locations I probably would have not watched it all as its locations would have been dull like the original. I was actually prepared to quit watching it early on in the movie but found it to be entertaining enough.